About Us

InView Solutions, LLC (InView Solutions) is a full service philanthropic management firm. We help social investors, service providers, and their advisors make informed decisions that help them achieve their charitable goals.


The most common complaint donors have with incorporating a charitable giving program into their financial planning is finding a competent organization that is knowledgeable in the focus areas and evokes a feeling of assurance that the program has been set up and will be monitored and managed properly. The biggest reason is that donors typically have to try and piece the process together with several different entities providing the separate facets and services required to establish, administer, and manage the foundation.


InView Solutions has brought together all the qualified philanthropic specialists under one roof that can seamlessly work together to get the job done and in a professional, knowledgeable and cost-effective way that is designed to deliver a final product that donors are looking for. Clients have the option of utilizing all of our experts and the corresponding services or selecting those that complement their existing team.


InView Solutions clients' needs are as varied as their charitable interest. To meet these needs, the Firm customizes its approach and marries the clients' organizational goals with a myriad of best practice philanthropic services.

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